19 March 2007

KIDS WEEK - danish prints

scandinavian style with graphic prints from smafolk.


Heather Moore said...

i wish I was sma enough to wear these too!

bowie style said...

heather - thank you so much for your comment!
its so lonely here at P+P these days, nobody ever leaves any comments.

modmom said...

i leave comments.
these are groovy!
i'll have to link your post on my blog.
i remember reading on your blog a long time ago that bo lundberg commented, then a couple weeks ago he emailed me that my blog was "an inspiration" + i was so thrilled + thought of your blog too.

bowie style said...

hi modmom,

you are definately a valued commentator and i really appreciate it.

i was thrilled to hear from bo lundberg too. he's an absolute legend.well done :)

modmom said...

thanks bowie!
i didn't see these pics on the sma folk website. but i like them better than they have, so i'm linking yours.
happy spring + easter!