02 April 2007

LONDON DESIGN WEEK - designers guild

first up from the show is designers guild, who take part in london design week from their kings road showroom. inside its as if one of their brochures has come to life, if you were ever thinking of buying some DG products then a visit here would be essential. the way collections have been put together in displays is stunning. even the courtyard garden has been decorated. so sit back & enjoy two posts of designers guild magic.


Miss*Laurence said...

Thank you so much for all your photos . There isn't a chance in the world I could follow fashion and new ideas like that but thanks to your blog I always find great ideas for my embroideries, prints etc. I couldn't make it to the design show and thanks to you I've been and seen! Thanks again!

3BillyGoats said...

This is so beautiful!

Thank you so much for your dedication to this field. I love your blog with a passion.

Are you surprised to see a continuation of the Asian theme? I am loving the new colour interpretations with the blue.

bowie style said...

all my evidence points to a continuation in the trend for japanese style florals - but the designers guild bamboo & the handpainted look willow type wallpaper pattern did take me by surprise. i thought i'd seen the end of bamboo prints.

Swati Ahuja Gupta said...

I love your blog, It is an inspiration to me. Love those prints.