29 May 2007

WALL DECALS - wallies

i really liked some of the new motifs on these wall decals by wallies, especially the cute apples and bird designs.


blushing apples said...

i love these. afforable too... thanks for the info.
i love your blOg :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! I absolutely love your blog! I have "lurked" for some time now, but have never posted a comment. I just have to let you know that I AM a sucker for prints, color, black & white, patterns, design, oooohhhh! And this is the place to get a great dose! THIS is the place to come and relax, take a break and be inspired... Thank you soooo much for all your sharing!

Anonymous said...

I too love your blog! Great website links. I'm looking for affordable retro wallies. I've tried the official Wallies website, but I like a more earthy or retro feel. Any tips? I like what I've found at Rompstore.com, but these are pricey!!!