13 June 2007

PULSE - domestic

best free catalogue at the show goes to domestic, the french vinyl decals company, who had produced a 218 page book filled with stylish full page photographs, fantastic sticker designs, and an amazing reference guide to modern graphics. if you're visiting any shows where domestic are exhibiting be sure to try and bag a copy. but dont worry if you cant - most images are online here.


miriam said...

I have the red tree in my home entrance! =))
take a look > http://www.flickr.com/photos/miriam/542362241/


cremeoccin said...

Oh! How I wish I can get hold of one copy! So lovely!!!

MK said...

Hi Bowie,

is there a chance for overseas ppl like me (from Singapore) to get hold of a copy? thanks for your reply.


Cristina said...

How about Brazil? Is There a any chance to get a copy too? thanks a lot!