31 August 2007

PETIT PATTERN - japanese books

the last two petit pattern books, that i needed to complete my collection have finally arrived in the post. the two i was missing were 'simple & natural' ( featured above) and 'pop & modern' (below). both are really great, and im so thrilled to have the entire set. all are available from amazon.com now, and i have listed them in my amazon pattern store. for those of you new to petit pattern they are super cute little pattern books from tokyo and you can check out my earlier reviews of other titles in the series here.


Susy said...

Wow. What an amazing set of books. I have never seen these! I really love the work in 'simple and natural'. Beautiful! Thanks for the tip!

Shen said...

I love your blog! I appreciate art in all it's forms and your collection makes me happy when I look at it. Thank you for bringing a bit of colour to my day!