30 October 2007

CARDS - kelly hyatt

'isabella' is a gorgeous new range of cards from kelly hyatt (a design hero of mine), published by beaumonde.


Your Teacher said...

Mmm, they are pretty.

Stamp-Connection said...

Cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

They are very beautiful, but I couldn't help to notice that these images look very familiar. Check out
"Chinese Cut Paper Designs" Selected by Theodore Menten, Dover Publications, Inc, New York, 1st Published & Copyright 1975... Though I'm sure she has obtained permission for usage.

Sara said...

they also really look a lot like thomas pauls stuff? in particular that large bird image...yikes.

bowie style said...

dover books are published for designers to use, so reworking pictures from their books is expected, not a crime.
i imagine thomas paul has those books too ( see dovers japanese books for total thomas paul style birds).

clever parts about kelly's designs (he's male by the way) are the layouts and amazing colour palette.

its still an artform to turn those dover archives into colourful trendy designs suitable for todays market.

Anonymous said...

These are from Dover and they are rights free stock. Thomas Paul uses the same stuff and calls himself an 'artist'; what a joke. At least Kelly is doing something different with color and composition with these. All Thomas Paul does is crop and enlarge stock images.