19 November 2007

PRINT TREND - matryoshka

if you're looking for artistic inspiration today then why not have a go at producing your own matryoshka design ?. also know as russian nesting dolls, they have become one of the most fashionable print trends around at the moment. popular in japan their imagery has spread in the west throughout fashion, jewellery, homewares and stationery. at the top of the post are a few snaps of some gorgeous wrapping paper that i purchased in john lewis. below a selection of matryoshka's gathered from all over the web.
above cards by mmmg at cut+paste, and below thomas paul's matryoshka plates and trays, which can be found at fred flare and urban outfitters.
above, fabrics from nuno plus, vinyl purses from fred flare.
above magnets from detail store, cards by egg press, and one good bumblebee. below bedspread and wall decals from urban outfitters.
above stickers from vinyl wall art, below keyrings by curly collection.
above fabric from atelier lzc, below left mp3 pouch from fambee and right gift wrap from enna.
top above, stamps from peewee, above knitted matryoshka's by andrea williamson.


Anonymous said...

I like this site for buying the real thing... Kremlin Gifts-
Great customer service, quality product and an extra treat with every purchase.

belula said...

I love matriuskas...¡¡¡look at my blog!!!....you can see my brooches.

albenton said...

Such vibrant, happy colors...love it!

I was looking through your blog...and saw the sang sang hoo wall decals...love 'em! Have you seen blik's stuff? Kindof same idea, but different designs - www.whatisblik.com/walldecals.html.

Keep up the inspiring work!

bowie style said...

thanks guys :)

yes ive featured the blik decals on P+P before - they are fantastic :)

esque said...

Wow, great finds! I especially like the japanese version of the nesting dolls. Thanks

Heather Moore said...

You beat me to it - I've been putting together a Matrioshka doll trend report for the Elle Decoration SA blog for a while. But to tell the truth, I hadn't found half of the Matrioshkas that you found. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

These russian dolls are great, I feel inspired for my next surface pattern stint.

On another subject, I feel quite cautious of tigerprints design competitions: it seems like just another cheap (free) way to get designers to do speculative work!

Anonymous said...

I'm quite obsessed by matryochkas so thank you for your great selection !!

Anonymous said...

I am quite fond of Matryoshkas ansd Russian folk art. It influences a lot of the things on my Etsy shop. rusalka.etsy.com
Here's an example http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6643373

Also, I'd love to order the stamps from Pee Wee, but I can't seem to translate the site...

Anonymous said...

I love the John Lewis paper. really dynamic. But wow, talk about matryoshka overload. I didn't realise it was so popular.

thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for featuring my paper on your blog!! i read it almost every day and it was great to see one of my designs here.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I never seen such an exhaustive list of Matryoshkas like the one you have complied here. I love it!

Nathalie said...

i have the Enna paper !
Great roundup !

JP.Brouard said...

I was browsing the net and came across these and they reminded me of your post. Check the link for a totally different approach to Matryoshka dolls.


Keep up the great work!

Heather Moore said...

Just thought you might like to know that I've put together a little trends report on kokeshi dolls over at the Elle Deco blog, and linked back to this fantastic post - see http://elledeco.blogspot.com