28 January 2008

FABRICS - j caroline creative

whilst i was checking out jessica's work i thought i would put together a selection of other lovely prints available from j caroline creative.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find the brown fabric, in the fourth row down, with the green and pink patterns? I checked the J Caroline Creative link but could not find them.

bowie style said...

hi anon,
all these fabrics are fro j caroline creative.
the green & pink florals are under
fabrics, mid weight cottons, valori wells sole.

or copy paste this link

melissa@yummygoods said...

Hi bowie! So great to see you featuring the fabrics of my fellow Free Spirit designers! Awesome! And congrats on your gig at d*s! You are rockin it!

Blooming said...

These are so pretty. The colours remind me of Echino which I also love:

Blooming said...

I'm such a dufus - that IS Echino fabric. I just had a closer look.

The Jessica Jones fabrics are really nice. I love those bright summer colours.