29 February 2008

MOTHERS DAY - march 2nd UK

its mother's day on sunday here in the UK, so i thought i'd share some of the snaps ive taken lately, and show a few cards from around the web. the first few were all taken in sainsbury's.
next up a few fresh floral designs from marks & spencer.
below two designs from paperchase.
below, two cards by lisa jones.
below, handmade card by moon mum on etsy.below - from not on the high street.
below by louise anglicas, and amanda dilworth from the art file


Gillian said...

I think it's an interesting turnaround that so many manufacturers are embracing the 'hand-made' look for cards now, with varying types of fold, 3D mounting etc.

That makes me smile. Thanks for sharing. x

Bree said...

always inspiring, thank you.

Angela said...

I love the owl card by Paperchase.