27 March 2008

ONLINE SHOP - bettyjoy

bettyjoy is a brand new sponsor to print & pattern. this lovely online store carefully selects handmade items from different designers and brings them together under one convenient and stylish roof. included in my little round-up of bettyjoy goodies are : above 'round the houses' bag by bettyjoy, and below two purses by custom made.
this is so cute, a badge and pack of animal ephemera by gemma correll.
and you know me, i love owls, so this owl plush by craftpaca really appealed. also below, measure tape corsage by sonja.


zee said...

I love those measure tape corsages. I must have one!

Rebecca said...

Just found your blog. Really wonderful! I'm checking out your sponsors now ... that measure tape bow is awesome!

Anonymous said...

wher can you get the measuring tape corsage from?!?


bowie style said...

from bettyjoy !
this post is about an online store
called bettyjoy.

they're in the accessories section.