25 April 2008

DESIGNER - jen skelley

jen skelley saw that i had written recently how much i liked prints of tea cups and mugs so she sent me details of her new print. jen produced the design for a coffee themed art show in philadelphia opening this june. she works as freelance illustrator and designer, and ive posted some examples from her wonderful portfolio, but luckily for us jen also sells her prints on etsy and her own website. finally jen's boyfriend nate also works as an illustrator and he produced the cute owl print at the very bottom of the post. see here for details on his work.


eo said...

I loved your blog! Patterns and illustrations so cute! :D
Are you designer or illustrator? Or just like it? I'm adding you!

Dikla Fellner said...

I loved your blog !
Doing what I do, I'm on a constant search for new patterns, so your blog is a real gem for me !
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to understand, what I'm talking about.
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Have a great weekend,

Anonymous said...

Wow. Stunning!

Acie said...

Im in love with this blog!... and i only found it a second ago!! I want one of everything, lol. <3

Brooke said...

Love these designs!

caitlin said...

Those birds have fairytale tails! I love them!

Ange said...

omg. I LOVE patterns...im crazy about them. a real disneyland for the eyes... visit me please... www.cookcleancraft.blogspot.com

katie said...

i have a tea print too!

Mandy Saile said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful designs. There are so many amazing and mind-blowing patterns out there nowadays, but this artists work really stands out because it is so organic with a really nice 'hand-drawn' look. Very sweet and inspiring, thanks again. Mandy

Anonymous said...

Love love love Jen Skelley's work! Thanks for sharing!