24 April 2008

URBAN OUTFITTERS - new designs

ive been making my regular checks over at urban outfitters website. i love to see what new, and here are some recent additions. above are two beautiful tile art pieces by xenia taler, and below the bird fabric, a british design, that we loved so much on a lampshade is now available on curtains.


depeapa said...


Milly said...

love the bird coat hooks, a shame they're not available in the uk!

wearetickledpink said...

well done on such a delightful blog full of scrummy bits n bobs Bowie :) i've stumbled across it whilst filling deadtime in a part-time design job, (we're all being made redundant next week, so there's been nothing to do for a while!) wish i'd found you ages ago, i'll be peeking regularly now as i return full-time to freelancing!
thanks a lot for a fun way to fill my days here!

Cicada Studio said...

Holy Moly! My cousin designed these glass tumblers for Fishs Eddy http://www.fishseddy.com/! How wonderful you've highlighted them! I will forward the link.