30 May 2008

HELP NEEDED - forthcoming paris trip

this is a plea for help to p+p readers. some of you kindly made suggestions for my recent new york visit, and i used the wonderful zagat guide to help me find certain stores. for my next trip however im less certain of where the good shops are. i was hoping for some inside info from parisians or those that have been there recently. any tips for seeking out print & pattern in paris ? i'll be going at the beginning of july so theres plenty of time to plan. any advice gratefully recieved :)


Patty Young said...

I am green with envy... you are so lucky to get to travel to Paris! I went there 10 years ago and loved every second of it. Of course, I couldn't remember for the life of me the names or locations of any of the wonderful shoppes I went to but I'm sure you won't have any problem finding them and someone will come along to offer helpful advice, I'm certain. Just wanted to pop in and say "Bon Voyage" :)

all*over*print said...

La Droguerie 9_11,rue the Jour.
Tel. 01 45 08 93 27
(craft supply)

bowie style said...

mod kid boutique - i havent been to paris since a college trip years ago where we had to visit a french design agency. we didnt go to any shops just art galleries !

so this time i want to see what pics i can get for print & pattern.
fingers crossed.

thanks all*over*print :)

Carolyn Gavin said...

printemps, pompidou centre, galleries lafayette... that's all i know having last been when i was 16! such a romantic, beautiful city. how lucky you are.

Gillian Mowbray said...

Hi Bowie, I haven't been to Paris, but I feel sure that if you were to email Eric from the Paris Daily Photo blog he would help you.
His english is very good and he often seems to visit galleries too.
He even helped a young American guy who asked him to secretly photograph him ask his girlfriend to marry him while they were in Paris!
Hope that helps. I'll look forward to the results. x

Anonymous said...

Paris is amazing! I am happy for you!

I always look at the kids products in some of the department stores: Samaritaine, Printemps. Cute products with French verbage.

Ok, in Printemps, the big department store, go up to the paper, pen, stationary department. Great stuff!

Walk around in the 5th and 6th arrondissments and peek in all the tiny little shops, particularly off Boulevard St. Germain.

Side note: Eat a madeline from Laduree, bread from Poilane, and be sure to hit the antique markets for old fabrics.

Have fun!!!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Doh! I forgot to leave you the link to the Paris daily photo blog earlier.

Anonymous said...

i was in Paris the last two years 3times, and actually i go there tomarrow as well, and i look forward to see again!! one of my favorite store is the cutest and funniest store , but every time is so hard to find, because they are in a little street close to Sacre Coeur, a japanese store with the nicest japanese lady in it, she sells japanese crazy things, she makes origami all day long and also little objects made of textile, (i got a little owl, a frog , and also saw amazing sushi plates ...... and original origami papers and more......the address and name is: "Manekineko de Montmartre, 1 bis, rue Garreau, they are open 16-19pm.(!)it is worth to search, u will love it!!
and a great kid-stuff store' s website (i don't know the parisian store's address): www.bugaboo.com

and many more, i am sure u will find your favorite ones too,oh and i never miss the flea market!!
have fun and good luck, and can be funny to bump into each other!
Zsuzsa from Budapest.
p.s.:actually i am a textile bag designer and our website is almost finished, and print and P. is one of the links i have offer, because i like it!bye!Zsu

Anonymous said...

Hello !

I used to live in Paris (now I'm in the Cote d'Azur), here are some tips:
Go to the department Store "le Bon Marché" which is more fashion than Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, it is at the metro station Sevres-Babylone (great home department, great stationary department as well)
Close to this store, you have some great little shops in the rue du Bac, great to see.
Then you MUST go rue Vavin, to "Marie Papier" THE french stationary shop in Paris !
So so great !
I've read above someone who advices "La Droguerie" rue du jour, great shop ! in the same street (rue du jour), you have AgnesB, french stylist, with great shops and art galery
I love the "Marais" (4th arrondissement), and in the rue des Francs-Bourgeois, you have great shops for fashion and home: I love "Home autour du monde"
I've been in Paris recently and I have taken some pictures in this shop
In the same street, one famous shop for fabrics and many other stufs: "Entrée des Fournisseurs"

Down the Butte Montmartre, you have the Marché Saint-Pierre,
which the biggest fabrics market in Paris, with also some shops like "Tissus Reine" http://www.tissus-reine.com/
When you are here, go to the metro station Abbesses, you have many little interesting shops.
In the Printemps store, you have a "luxe" ground, with all the french stylists, great to see ! (for patterns, I recommand Christian Lacroix, Kenzo,...).
From the Saint-Germain chirch to the river Seine (rue Bonaparte), you have "Pierre Frey" http://www.pierrefrey.com/ luxuous fabric, and also Ladurée (macarons) http://www.laduree.fr/ and other stores and art galeries (the Art School "Beaux Arts" http://www.ensba.fr/ is in this street).
This is all for tonight but I keep thinking of other addresses.
You can try to find the address of the retailers of these brands, these are great : Atelier LZC, Minilabo, Lelièvre, Iosis...

Anonymous said...

me again !
don't leave Paris without going to these 2 trendy shops: Les fleurs http://lesfleurs.canalblog.com/ and Lillibulle http://lillibulle.typepad.com/, you'll get their addresses on their sites.
I you like vintage and design for kids, don't miss Balouga http://www.balouga.com/

tiel said...


I went for a few days earlier this year and got some great advice on where to go on my blog

see here


I can really recommend Le Bon Marche
for the stationery. I bought some fabulous sheets of paper made in Nepal.
La Droguerie was good, but I thought it was more suited to crafters...wools, beads etc..maybe I missed some it???

I spent some of my time looking at children's clothing stores. the french really know how to style a shop well and the products within the shops are lovely.

here is another lovely french blog which might lead you to some other venues.

and another site for more leads.


have fun. eat a macaroon from pierre herme.

indigo is on in paris later this year for textile designers also.

tiel said...

me again..forgot to add the blog I mentioned above,


Rebecca said...

Check out the Paris Breakfast Blog... http://parisbreakfasts.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

Sentou is a great shop for design: http://www.sentou.fr I love the stuff by 100-drine.

I recommend the fabric shops round the Sacre Coeur. They are really reasonably priced and there are some great patterns. I also like the department store BHV - decent lunch at a bargain price and full of people actually from Paris rather than tourists - it's great for people watching. The shop looks like a bog-standard department store but it has some great design touches - I love the hardware bit in the basement, it's a treasure trove.

Ahhh...I want to go to Paris now!!

Hope this helps

Helen xx

las palabras mágicas said...

Hello,my contribution:
In front of the Pompidou Center there are huge card shops selling all sort of art cards and black and white photos. I love the work of Gaelle Boissonard. I wrote a post about her not long ago.
Just in front of the main exit of Les Halles tube station there is a shop right in the corner where I first discovered the notebooks illustrated by Miss Clara, and lamarelle editions. I love those and I would like to write a post about them soon(www.lamarelle.net)
I love your blog. Enjoy your trip.

Jaimee McClellan said...

Oh, to be back in Paris...it's been a while. I loved absolutely EVERYTHING (minus having my wallet stolen in the Metro...hold onto your pocketbook!)

Mari Mari-chan said...

I had the lucky to find this blog by chance !! The patterns are so pretty !! I will return sometime !

Anyway, Bon voyage !

leila Jezequel said...

Hi!!I have been living in paris for 15 years for me the most important choice of fabric is Marché Saint-Pierre in the Butte Monmarte ( metro station:Anvers).Then you have Bouchara : near department store Galerie Lafayette Maison ( which means home.And please don't forget to go to "les jardins du palais royal":metro station: palais royal-musée du louvre;the most beautiful place in paris ;)!!
Bon voyage
leila from france

Anonymous said...

In french, but very handy...

Brooklyn Butterfly said...

My suggestion is to scour this blog very thoroughly http://designersblock.blogspot.com/, and to contact Di about her favorite shops. She's passionate about France.

bowie style said...

all these suggestions have been so helpful.
im also touched by your generosity at taking up your own time to type all this out for me.
thanks so much to everyone :)

i need to digest all your notes and addresses and put together a list before i go.

im staying in the saint germain area which according to you guys is a good call because there are good shops nearby.

Anonymous said...

If you go in Bastille area, visit rue Keller, rue de Charonne. It's famous streets for fashion designers as Gaëlle Barré, Les Petits Hauts, Isabel Marant, Sessun...and many shops selling trendy brands. You can also visit decoration shop as LouLou Addict with french designers as Mini Labo, Madame Mo or japanese as Shinzi Katoh or suedish as Isak. Have a good trip in Paris !

Anonymous said...

My favorite shop is French Touche. it is my dream shop!!


Also Chez Angelina for the best hot chocolate ever.


and Colette for cool design...


Anonymous said...


I'am parisian and my contribution is :

MARIE PAPIER, 26, rue Vavin, 6ème arr.
BOOKBINDERS DESIGN, 130 rue du Bac, 7ème + 53, rue Vieille du Temple, 4ème ar.
MAGNA CARTA, rue du Bac, 7ème arr.
BOUTIQUE DE LA PINACOTHEQUE, 28, place de la Madeleine, 8ème arr.
FACTEUR CELESTE, 38, rue Quincampoix
GALERIE SENTOU, 18/24, rue du Pont Louis Philippe, 4ème arr. + 26, boulevard Raspail, 7ème arr.
LE BON MARCHE, 24, rue de Sèvres, 7ème arr.
LA GRANDE EPICERIE, angle rue du Bac et rue de Sèvres, 7ème arr.
CONRAN SHOP, 117, rue du Bac, 7ème arr.
PLASTIQUES, 103, rue de Rennes, 6ème arr.
BON TON, rue du Bac + 82, rue de Grenelle, 7ème arr.
CARTES POSTALES : rue du Dragon, 6ème arr.
GALRIES LAFAYETTE MAISON, Bd Haussmann, 9ème arr.
L’ENTREPOT, rue de Passy, 16ème arr.
PASSAGE DU GRAND CERF, 2ème arr., plusieurs boutiques : design, bijoux …

Have a nice trip !


Anonymous said...

hi, I'm french, and here are my favorite shops:

Ie shop, http://marais.evous.fr/pro/decoration/ie-boutique/ie.htm

Diwali, 52 rue St Louis en L'île, Scarf shop, from India, the colours and patterns are great

Do you speak martien ? http://www.doyouspeakmartien.com/home.htm

Bonton Bazar 122 rue du Bac 75007 & Le Bon Marché

Petit Pan, http://www.petitpan.com/

Lillibule & Les Fleurs as "theyoupitouch" recommand

Enjoy Paris !!!

Prêt à Voyager said...


Antoine & Lili (color and pattern!){http://www.antoineetlili.com/}

ARTAZART (great for art/design books)


Have a FANtastic time! Can't wait to see your posts :)


Emme said...

Bonjour! Here's my Paris address book:


I highly recommend a visit to Au Petit Bonheur La Chance. This shop in the Village Saint-Paul specialises in "objets de cuisine" and paper ephemera. I've spent many, many hours in this establishment!