18 June 2008

CARDS - rubbergob

rachel barkess and janine finnie are two english girls who live in australia. they started up a card company called 'rubbergob', named after the fact that they 'love to natter'. what began with just cards has now also expanded into canvases and art prints too. i love this owl design above, and in fact the whole wood and wallpaper range which has beautiful colours and patterns. the girls have lots of stockists in australia but would love to hear from anyone who would like to distribute them outside of oz. you can buy some of their great cards in the rubbergob etsy shop (where they ship worldwide). to see their full range products view the website here or for a behind the scenes blog click bird+1.


Chen Reichert said...

your site makes me smile :) There are so many colorful, cute and beautiful things in the world and you seem to find them all. Definitely adding this to my blogroll .


Robin Zingone said...

Why were birds popular imagery in the fifties, owls and mushrooms popular imagery in the sixties, butterflies popular imagery in the seventies...and now the birds, owls and butterflies are back. So where are the mushrooms?

kitty stitch said...

mushrooms are on their way I did some the other day!!

bowie style said...

mushrooms are pretty widespread in japanese design.
remember my custom made post a couple of weeks ago ?