27 June 2008

PRINT & PATTERN BOOK - how to submit

as many of you may have read print & pattern is going to be turned into a book by top publisher laurence king. the aim of the book will be to celebrate the creativity in surface design and stationery today. we'll hopefully feature patterns, cards, papergoods, scrapbooking, textiles, ceramics, badges, in fact anything with a great printed surface. in the USA the book will be distributed by chronicle books. if you would like to submit images for the book then here are all the details. there are two main ways to send me your images - on cd in the post or via email. there will be an ftp site too for anyone who has real difficulty with the other two more prefered options. so here goes :
firstly the resolution of your images must be at a quality of 300 dpi and preferably no smaller than A4 (210 mm x 297 mm) to allow maximum page layout flexibility. the colour mode should be saved as CMYK for the book printing process. the printers require the files to be saved as a TIFF (TIF). please do not send jpegs.

please put your name or studio /company name in the title of the email. for cds please write your name/company on the disc.
please give titles to your images - then in the email give the image title, year, client (if any).
please supply the email address and website that you will want to appear in the book.
if sending a cd this information can be supplied on paper (or in a word/text doc).
if you are submitting work that was produced for a client please make sure you have permission to publish it, as if selected you will need to sign a legal form confirming you have the right to do so.
the address to send discs to is :
Print & Pattern, Laurence King Publishing, 361-373 City Road,
London, EC1V 1LR, United Kingdom.
the email address to send to is :
i welcome submissions from design studios, professionals, students, graduates, illustrators, etsy & dawanda designers, companies, crafters, etc, etc. feel free to forward these details to friends or post on blogs.
**update** - many people have emailed today asking for a deadline - i'd say we have a maximum of two months - but ideally i'd like people to submit well before then.


Judit Gueth said...

Thanks for posting the details and
good luck with organizing the book!

PS.: Is there a deadline for submission?

Michelle Rollins said...

This is such a great idea. I can't wait to add this to my design library.

bowie style said...

not just yet - i didnt want to put too much pressure on with a deadline. i'd say theres about 2 months to gather everything in.
but i'd prefer if people didnt wait that long ;)
im keen to get started.

Judit Gueth said...

Thanks Bowie!
I can imagine how excited you must be! :-) I'll gather everything this weekend, and send it over.

Anonymous said...

Hi! This sounds really exciting and I can't wait to see the finished product.
I'm interested in submitting, but was wondering, do you have a maximum number of submissions? :)

John Coulter said...

I hope they have a big mailbox, because emailing uncompressed tif files is going to get huge very quickly. They should set up an ftp site.

bowie style said...

hi paramaiba - no there is no maximum - you can submit as any as you like :)

hi john,
yes there is a dedicated FTP site which people can ask me for if they need to. the publishers prefered method for those wanting to send a lot of submissions is cds/disks in the post.

The Green Zebra Studio said...

Can people just setting up their Etsy shops join?

bowie style said...

anyone who designs the type of thing i feature here on print and pattern can submit.

Steffi said...

Very beautiful blog with nice creative ideas!Very good!

/// said...

OMG Congratulations--- I had no idea of the good news! :)

minkee said...


I just wanted to leave you a note saying thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog. It has all the things I love, and is _really_ inspirational. If ever I get stuck at work a quick browse through here gives me all kinds of ideas!

Thanks again,

minkee <3

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Oh wowza -super exciting! I am embarking on a design book project myself, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi I don't have a website as yet but just an email, do you think it makes a big difference when applying?

plush patterns said...

It's really great news that your doing a book - can't wait to see it. Will you post some of the people that don't make the cut ?

bowie style said...

hi plush - probably if people want me to.

hi anon,
no a website isnt necessary so an email will be fine.

amy said...


i am very interested in sumitting some of my work but have only just seen the advert and hope i haven't missed the deadline?when is the dealine?

bowie style said...

hi amy dont panic - you can submit right up until the end of august.
but i wouldnt leave it that long if possible.

Angela Crispin said...

Hi ! I just saw a note on Dawanda. I make jewelry. Can silver jewelry with textures using texture plates or printing techniques such as home-made photopolymer plates fit your requirements ?

bowie style said...

hi angela,
im so sorry but i dont really cover jewelery.
on the other hand if you really think it fits with this blogs style then do send some pics in.

las palabras mágicas said...

Congratulations on this project, it's fantastic news.

Bla said...


samantha hahn said...

wonderful!! I can't wait to submit!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the new book! how exciting! i kissed some sample patterns goodbye last week when i mailed my pattern submissions. would be fun to get into the book -- but, either way, i'd love to know more about pre-ordering it, if possible!

thank you, bowie!

Anonymous said...

maybe this is a silly question but when you say the images need titles do they actually have to be names or can they just be codes for reference?

Unknown said...

hi Bowie, welcome back from Paris!

I had sent the images in a CD to the address mentioned. I am really excited about this. :)

bowie style said...

hi anon,

the image titles should be nice names not codes as these will be printed in the book as a caption under the picture.

also listed will be the year created and if relevant who it was designed for (client)

but equally it doesnt matter if there is no client its just if someone else would need crediting for legal purposes.

Anonymous said...

hello bowie,
i am preparing some files for you right know, and i just want to know, if i can use CMYK ISO-Coated V2 (ECI) or should i use another color profile? thanks for the answer, vartan.

bowie style said...

hi anon,
hmmmmm, i wish i knew the answer to that but ive never heard of what you've mentioned. all i know is when im in illustrator (or similar) i export as a tiff and a box comes up where you choose rgb or cmyk, and the dpi size is set here too.
so sorry i couldnt be more helpful.

zafraniversum said...

Hello Bowie

I've already been working on my submission, when suddenly an important question came to my mind.
Do I loose or give up any rights to my designs, should they be accepted for your book?

InkDropDesign said...

Hi! Thanks for this opportunity to submit. The files are quite large to meet the publishers specifications. Can you please provide the ftp address and instructions?

Thank you so much!

bowie style said...

hi eva marie,
no you would retain all rights to your work, you would just give the publisher the right to put it in the book. there would be no other use by me or my publishers allowed.

hi shondra,
ping me an email and i'll give you all the details on how and where to upload.

Marianne said...

HI, I was wondering if you had a preference towards having the images of the product showing the print in it for which the print was created? or just the print files, are you interested in product at all?

Anonymous said...

Very nice idea - but I've 2 questions:
1)Do you want a picture of the product or only the pattern??
2)Has it to be a print or is a handpainted pattern possible??

Greetings from Germany

bowie style said...

hi leni & marianne,
im interested in digital files of the patterns themselves, but also
we will be including shots of products if they show the pattern
if your fabric is handpainted then thats no problem as a
a scan or close up photo will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bowie,
I will be sending some designs by Monday (scrapbooking and wrapping paper). I do understand the printers' requirements for a disk, but not sure if the artwork would reach in time for the deadline (Sydney to London). Could you please let me know the FTP site? Would appreciate it.
Otherwise I'll just submit a fewer designs than planned. I'm waiting to add this book to my design collection!
Congrats once again, for inspiring so many..:)

Paula Mills said...

Hi Bowie Style
My yahoo account has a 10mb maximum for attachments so could i pls have the details of the FTP site and would i be able to load images from my yahoo account onto the FTP site... Hmmm not sure otherwise I will send a cd in the post but it will be coming from Melbourne, Australia so will hopefully make it on time. Thanks for the opportunity and for your blog which helps satisfy my addiction to pattern and colour!
Paula Mills

rhiannon said...

hi. im very interested in submitting some of my designs. however, does the work have to be printed designs? because i have a collection of designs where the patterns are created by layering laser cut fabric. i hope these would be suitible!
thanks, rhi

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! It will be the best book ever!! Hehe!! I cant wait. I too, will be submiting work. I tend to use Photoshop for my designs. Just wondering if I should submit the pattern design as a flat image or the photographs of the products I applied them to. Perhaps both?

Check out my blog for a few pieces of my work (not my best but will give an idea of what Im about)!

Soo excited!!

Anonymous said...

Oh another question Bowie! Sorry! Just read that the client should be listed. I am a textile student and just wondering, I have done two projects for companies as part of competitions - would that count as a client? Also, for one of those, a piece of mine was produced so therefore I had to sign over the copyright. Does this mean I can't submit this particular piece?

Thanks Bowie!


Unknown said...

hi Bowie, my name is Ching Teoh, just wondering if you had manage to receive my submission via post sending from Malaysia?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

thank you.


Anonymous said...

hi bowie,

firstly congratulations on the exciting venture. the final book will be saturated with inspiring ideas no doubt. i just about made it with my submissions by mail!! and would love to hear from you.
have a great day!

Anonymous said...

hi bowie,

firstly congratulations on the exciting venture. the final book will be saturated with inspiring ideas no doubt. i just about made it with my submissions by mail!! and would love to hear from you.
have a great day!