29 September 2008

BOOK - textiles now

drusilla cole, author of the brilliant book 'patterns' is about to release her new title called 'textiles now'. although the focus of the book is mainly three dimensional 'constructed or stitched' textiles, there is a small section on printed textiles which would be of interest to us as pattern fans. for example i love the striking cover by ilkka timonen from his pattern 'black tree'. see 'textiles now' on amazon uk where it is released today, or amazon usa where it will be released on october 8th. published by laurence king.


Luphia said...

this book looks amazing, I'm putting it on my Christmas list. Thanks for sharing :)

orange you lucky! said...

Oooooh! That looks very interesting. Must get my hands on that!

Helen Cuthbert said...

Ohhh this looks like a beautiful book...another one to add to the collection! Thanks!