30 October 2008

DESIGNER - macrina busato

macrina busato is a madrid based designer and illustrator, who works in her studio 'tavita design'. macrina works on prints for home furnishings, paper goods, apparel and more, and chose a freelance career when she became a mum. recent sucesses included coming first in a european competition (see next post) and macrina is now working on a handmade lampshade collection. macrina doesnt currently have a website but if you'd like to get in touch you can email macrinabusato@telefonica.net.


Pelotilla said...

Love your work! Great ideas for kid's room, I couldn't even pick one!


adele said...

adorable and cheerful patterns. I think Macrina was working for Zara Home? Last month I went to Barcelona and I think I show her work there. love these colours and patterns. thank you for sharing
I LOVE your blog and read it all the time. So inspirational! I now have the entire design department following your site. Thanks for putting so much time and effort into it - much appreciated.

cooper said...

These cheerful work is just the dose of color and pattern I need on this cold and rainy Valencia day .

carolina said...

Could I copy all that? Precious work!

Tiasu said...

Macrina! lovely to see something slightly different with a geometric, but handmade feel to it.
Congratulations, last pattern is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I’d use Macrina's beautiful designs all over my kids room.
Lovely work Macrina!!!