31 October 2008


in celebration of halloween here are some etsy finds to get you in the mood. starting with a super cute pumpkin from carol esther (above), and below trick or treat printed fabric pouch from emikomono.
frankenstein shoes from emandsprout above, and below digital halloween patterns from vink.
finally, striking looking typography from the scrappy shack.


Office With a View said...

Fun finds- Happy Halloween! I love the cute little pumpkin and the cool typography. :)

emma lamb said...

Cute pumpkin :)
Happy halloween for yeterday!

kristin said...

i've been reading this blog for a while...thought i'd finally leave a note saying, "hi!" :)

also, the little felt pumpkin guy is cute!! love the tiny smile.

Bel said...

I heart the little cute pumpkin too! Halloween is not a big thing where I am from. Guess it must be really fun :D

bowie style said...

thanks kristin for saying hello : )

bel, halloween has only gotten big in the UK in the last few years,
it kind of came over with walmart (asda) and now its in all the stores.

Online Shopping Chick said...

Love the little pumpkin and the Frankenstein slippers. :)