29 January 2009

VALENTINES - design round-up

more love, and more valentines day designs : above gorgeous typography from laura george at dawanda. below cats and knitting make a great combo from gemma correll.
above 'lab partners' card from cutiepie company, and below theres a 'love delivery' from lertsis both on dawanda.
heres another cute valentines, and not so much a card - more of a diorama, above. it was at urban outfitters but i guess it must have sold out as it was there one day and gone the next. below, jammie dodger valentine from asking for trouble.
below, bird card from the art file. below, heart card by soul.


orange you lucky! said...

Love those cats from Gemma Correll:)
They are a pair of aces:) very cute.

Frilldesign said...

I was really struck by the love more by Laura George. The colours stand out against the usual pinks and reds of st Valentines.