03 February 2009

BOOK - sukie iron-ons

today i just wanted to post up some of the great designs ive bought or have had sent to me recently. i was eargerly awaiting these sukie iron-ons ( i had them on pre-order at amazon) and at last they've arrived. designed as a notepad style book with a card cover it features 30 iron-on transfers all designed by sukie and full intructions. i havent yet experimented due to a lack of time, but when i get chance i hope press some of these designs onto a blank tote bag. published by chronicle books you can see the sukie irons-ons here on amazon uk or amazon usa.


Amy C said...

thanks for sharing I have had my eye on this and was wondering what the designs were like, I love sukie.

Dee Beale said...

These look fantastic!

Church of Craft Athens said...

I love those - they are great!

orange you lucky! said...

Oh My! Great idea!
I'd love to iron that grey 'viking' bird onto something:)
and the buildings... they are just asking to go on a shopping tote.

Hannah said...

Thanks so much!!
These are so fab- I want it now!

Would be great to make presents for friends too.. as well as maybe updating things

marlenedesigner said...

These are adorable. I love the tree with the birds.

craftschmaft said...

Gorgeous! I might try transfers on handmade softies.

textiledesigns said...

I used these on onesies and they turned out great! I love the designs-
Does anyone know if I can RIT dye them now? They are kinda stark white and would like to warm them up with a little color to match the iron-ons.

Gabriela Abril said...

I get the book in the Museum of Arts and Design in New York last may, is lovely!
I try in a t-shirt, my result here: http://gabartabril.blogspot.com/2011/06/de-vuelta.html

Thanks for the article and congratulations for the incredible blog