02 February 2009

ONLINE SHOP - jam tart

these 'parisian cafe' and 'french car' designs are new additions to the product ranges of jam tart. jam tart are uk based designers who have also added to their popular camper range with new colours and products. i also love the classic yellow utensils design featured at the top of the post. im also very pleased to have jam tart as sponsors of print & pattern, you'll find a link to their webshop in the left hand column. their products are all made in the UK and can be bought online here.


Dee Beale said...

Lovely drawings.

orange you lucky! said...

Love this jamtart look! Especially the cup and utensils towels! So nice:)

sooziebee said...

wow, I aspire to make stuff this gorgeous, don't you just LOVE jam tart?