12 June 2009

BOOK - blogs : mad about design

im delighted to see that print & pattern is included in this new directory of design blogs. called 'blogs : mad about design' by macarena san martin de soto the 528 page book is published by page one. more of a directory than a visual book it does have a listing here on amazon uk but isnt as yet in stock. ISBN 10 8496774554.


Claire Hurd Design said...

That looks great - congratulations. Really looking forward to seeing your book too.

orange you lucky! said...

How awesome is that!
And yes, as well, totally reminded me about your book:) Can't wait 'til it's out!

bowie style said...

because book publishing is so slow its easy for people to forget.
i have seen the final mock-up of the print & pattern book and it looks amazing. its just a shame we have to wait so long. (the end of the year).

for example i can remember macarena asking me about appearing in this book back in 2007 !

ps helen did you see orange you lucky was one of my blog pics in the book ; )

Kathleen at Twig and Thistle said...

Congratulations!!! Well deserved! I too am looking forward to the book and I know it'll be worth the wait ;) Cheers!

lovemodern said...

CONGRATS on being in the book. There are so many great design blogs out there. It is hard to keep up with them all. I have print & pattern in my easily accessible bookmarks, and visit often. CONGRATS again!

tippycal said...

wow. congratulations :D you deserve it :D this blog is really all eye candy :D sooo interesting :D

Yuko said...

looks really cool book.
and lucky me that my work is in it :).
and yes, im waiting for your book to come out!

Vic said...

Congratulations, i must say people always remark how Print & Pattern is their favorite blog no matter where in the world they are! Look forward to seeing your book!

Anonymous said...

Cool - well done you!
Keith at Absolute Zero Degrees