27 November 2009

PRINT & PATTERN - round-up

next week we will be in december so i was planning to start my christmas design postings, but in the meantime still had a few things to share from november. so this post is a host of things ive either been sent or found and wanted to mention before we go christmas and holiday crazy. first up are (above & below) cute bird cards from pen pals ink. new bedlinen for december at orla kiely. tree print from lizzy house
bird illustrations by pragya kothari
hearts from bungalow.print from australian artist helen ansell
illustration on greetings cards from kate wilson at little doodles
skinny la minx apron for heath ceramics in a giveaway, and cards in collaboration with satsuma press.
new angie lewin notebooks by st.judes from papergrain
artwork from seattle based painter tyson anthony roberts.
pattern design using letters of the alphabet from sophie taylor at samori.


Stephanie said...

Love all of the color inspiration. Looking to revamp my drab living room and this is eye candy all over the place. LOVE the tea prints. Thanks for leading us to amazing artists.

Pragya said...

Thank you! Wonderful to see my little birds here :)