08 January 2010

ILLUSTRATION - marcus walters

i first came across illustrator marcus walters in the highly recommended book 'naive' where i really admired his cut-out designs using simple shapes. marcus is a UK based designer and illustrator with more than 10 years of industry experience for clients such as coca-cola, anorak, graniph, honda, and the BBC. marcus also has a webshop which currently features a fabulous 2010 calendar and super cute alphabet poster alongside other prints and tees. see here for marcus' website or shop.


Jen said...

You always manage to find the cutest things and designers that I immediately love!

Anonymous said...

Was searching for inspirations for my 5-year-old's art project and stumbled upon yours... I love it!!! I've never been an artistic person... I don't "create" something out of thin air... but I do enjoy looking at these creations... what an eye candy!

Thanks for sharing something you're passionate about! Have a great day!

VR from California

Agatha said...

Thanks for sharing! That was another inspirational and beautiful post, as always.

All the best for 2010,

Agatha x


walrus studio said...

me likey the washer/dryer! Your blog is neat