25 February 2010

BOOK - modern patterns of japan

here is a little book that i bought from amazon just on a whim, without having seen much inside or knowing a thing about it. called 'modern patterns of japan' by yonagadou (sweet & noastalgic) i was pleasantly suprised to see it was filled with prints from the period 1955-1965. yonagadou from osaka in japan has been collecting these patterns for many years on paper, fabrics, kimonos and vintage clothing. she has since begun to turn them into stationery and wrapping paper, and this book serves as a catalogue reference of just some of her large collection. this book would suit anyone into baby/children's design, illustration, nostalgia, and vintage. published by pie books it is on amazon uk here, and will hopefully arrive in the usa soon. ISBN 9784894448193. below are some examples of yonagadou's stationery designs which were spotted at keibunsha and also at uguisu with international shipping.


Onnida said...

cute :)

Marleen said...

I love these prints, beautiful inspiration.
Thanx so much for sharing this with us !



Harrisona said...

This website is fantastic, and a great resource for people with an interest in Surface Design - thank you.



Art Bat said...

What an amazing book...I'll have to put this on my wish list now after seeing your post!! ;) Love the doggies!! xx

Tingelings-Sofia said...

Lovely pattern!

Karumen said...

lovely prints n patterns!