16 February 2010

STATIONERY - pinkerton

i absolutely love the new stationery range from pinkerton design which features note book journals and boxed note cards. theres something for all tastes in their prints with gorgeous graphic flowers, sophisticated leaves, and cute gardens. all seen online here at pinkerton.


hannah said...

I really love these!! do you know how i can get them in the uk?? love them lots! Thanks for your inspiring blog. :)

bowie style said...

pinkerton's stockist in the UK is listed as colloco in leek,staffs.
www.colloco.co.uk - but bear in mind these are just launched so
probably havent quite reached these shores yet.

peversole said...

Thanks for the post, Bowie -- we are excited about this new line, too! I wanted to let your UK readers know that we are going to try to set up our online shop to allow shipping to the UK. Check back in the next few days, hopefully we'll have it sorted out! thanks! -penny @ pinkerton

Sue said...

Really original. Not like any other designs ive seen lately.