30 July 2010

GRADUATE - catherine ann lewis

catherine ann lewis is a 2010 graduate from the university of wales institute, cardiff studying for a (BA) hons in contemporary textiles practise. catherine's work for her final major project was called 'blodau les' (the flowers) and included a shabby chic style loveseat and several high end luxurious furnishing fabrics. her collection of hand printed fabrics and digitally produced wallpapers were inspired by a 'silent theatre' trend (quietly striking, sculptural, unobtrusive, calm and easy to appreciate) which are adapted with lace, florals and bright colour flashes.catherine is currently looking for work experience or work in the surface pattern / print area, whether for fabrics, wall coverings, wrapping paper or greeting cards. you can get in touch with her at cat_271187@hotmail.com


Fiona Cartolina said...

Nice job - this is unique and original and that chair is wonderful. Great to see something different.

Karen June Miller said...

You find the neatest fabrics!