07 September 2010

ETSY - made by anna

anna betts is an illustration student based in cambridge,england. despite still being a student anna already has an impressive body of work and sells various bits and pieces in her etsy shop made by anna. and for more on her inspirations and influences check out anna's blog colour+sound.


elena nuez said...

those collage are really beautiful,
i love them!!!
greetings from Spain

Andrea said...

Ilove the vintage feel of the "Homewares in turquoise" collage,
your blog is a real inspiration to me and your Print and Pattern book is fantastic, it was a gift from a friend and since I got it I have been truly inspired,
Andrea at Fin and Gabs

Dietlinde said...

i like the colorful ones :)


Paz López said...

yep, lovely indeed

more greetings from spain

Rhoda Alex said...

have kept visiting your blog on and off the last couple of years...and each time have left feeling completely refreshed and inspired. Keep up the good work and thanks a ton.

Anna Betts said...

Thank you so much for the feature! And the sweet comments, I am so grateful :)