27 October 2010

PAPERCHASE - metallic folk trees

some of you may have noticed the print & pattern posts getting a bit later and fewer this week, thats because i have been working all hours on finishing the manuscript for the second P+P book. The deadline is looming large for november 1st so i need to disappear for a week and really focus on getting it finished. but in the meantime i wanted to leave you with something good and a taste of whats to come next month when things start to get festive. i wanted to showcase this beautiful new paperchase christmas range "metallic folk trees". (remember the everyday folk trees?) its an absolutely gorgeous scandinavian folk inspired design and can be found all across cards and wrap. in stores now and online at paperchase.
see you next wednesday and thanks for reading !


Juniperberry said...

BEAUTIFUL. Not sure who has designed this but it makes me think of Sanna Annukas stunning work. I notice Marks & Spencer have used her even more this Christmas. Yum!

nassim haramein said...

amasing , they are great for christmas

Anonymous said...

Oh Paperchase - they've done it again... Just gorgeous!



Vanessa said...

Hi, I enjoy your blog, it's very original !


Nidhi Saxena said...

Interesting to read!

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Trudi * Fabricated Tales said...

Aaaah that's making me feel all Christmasy! I really loved P+P 1 - looking forward to gracing my bookshelves with P+P 2. Good luck with the deadline, hope it all goes well.

Wini said...

These are lovely!! I love the decorative designs and the metallic colours. Thanks for sharing :) Good luck with the new book. I have your first one and its a fantastic resource!!