13 December 2010

PAPERCHASE - xmas wrap

my christmas design round-ups are continuing today with a look at wrapping paper and cards from paperchase. if you're looking for modern graphic designs and on-trend prints this is the shop for you. there are fun kawaii designs, funky bright coloured trees on kraft paper, deco type, geometrics, sketchy doodles, folk trees and sophisticated reindeer. see them in stores now or online here.


mydeerfriend said...

The multi-coloured pointy trees are a main feature in my Christmas wrap this year...so beautiful!

Who designed it I wonder...?

bowie style said...

i also bought the pointy trees roll wrap and would love to know who designed it. if anyone knows, or it was you, please do tell : )
it is fabulous !

Sarah said...

I love all this wrapping. All I want for Christmas is empty boxes wrapped in all this beautiful paper!

Couve Illustrations said...

is it even possible to choose between those?!
they're all great!

FJM said...

Amazing... Paperchase always do a fabulous job..!