10 February 2011

DESIGNER - kate jones

kate jones is a 2009 graduate from swansea metropolitan university ( in surface pattern design). she is currently working in london as a full time sock designer and in her spare time does freelance greetings for camden graphics and tesco. kate's work is usually inspired by the outdoors and natural forms where she likes to interpret her small observations into intricate drawings/collages/mark makings which she can then manipulate into bright, fresh illustrations and repeat patterns. kate would welcome any freelance opportunities available at it is her real ambition to become a full time freelancer! kate's own range of cards for camden graphics (two of which are below) is called 'mishmash' and due out in time for valentines day. the typograhpic collage style designs use parts of old vintage scarves, handkerchiefs that belonged to kate's grandmother, bits of old maps and the insides of envelopes and a few little prints of her own.


Unknown said...

Kates range for Camden Graphics "MishMash" are just goooooooorgeous. Love the story behind them too. Perfect. XXX

nanditark said...

'''vibraaaant...'''is the word !!