30 March 2011

DESIGNER - designbark

sarah newman is a british designer-maker who hand screen prints onto real wood veneers. her label designbark grew out of research for her MA at chelsea college of art and design where she developed her skills for screen printing onto real wood veneer. all manufacturing is UK based and sarah hand screen prints all her designs and lampshades at her studio in south london. designbark will happily undertake bespoke lampshade orders, and liaise with clients throughout the design process. see more online here.


Screen Printing said...

I really like the designs. I didn't think they would go well on real wood veneers but I'm pleasantly surprised.

Alice said...

Gosh! I remember talking to her at her MA show a few years ago.

Charlotte H said...

They look great, suprising how the two things fit together but I like the bark against the geometric patterns!