31 May 2011

EXHIBITION - museum of 51

the 'museum of 51' is an exhibition taking place at the royal festival hall to celebrate 60 years since the festival of britain took place there in 1951. this free exhibit takes place on the lower level of hall and features a range of original items from the show. leaflets, posters, original souvenirs (such as these silk scarves above & below) and original sketches and artwork by abram games who won the competition to design a logo for the event. there is also a room set styled in the latest trends of 1951. the museum of 51 will be open until september and here are a few snapshots.


Kate at M is for make said...

This looks gorgeous, I have that Ercol daybed, great to see it in context

Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning us - we also did the feature in the festival 51 museum on the festival pattern group they are part of our FOB memoribilia.
keith at mini moderns