29 June 2011

STICKERS - new sizes at MOO

MOO have just introduced two new sizes of high-quality, scratch-proof stickers which as with all moo products offer the flexibility of short print runs and near limitless creativity thanks to printfinity –where every single sticker/label in an order can be different. you can choose from a variety of templates – all-image, all-text, half-image/half-text, or text overlaid on an image. uses could include: fun decorations, promotional logos, product labels, address labels, etc. the new round labels measure 38 mm or 1.5” diameter with a minimum pack size of 52 stickers and the rectangular stickers are • 84 x 55 mm or 3.30 x 2.17” (the same size as rounded corner business card)and come in a minimum pack of 50. as seen here at MOO where they have 40% of all stickers until 30th june.

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