11 July 2011

EXHIBITION - new designers

the 'new designers' show is held in london every july. it showcases all the very best design gradutes from across the whole country in textiles, surface design, illustration, graphics and product design. photography is not really allowed at the show but below are a few general snapshots of the main floor and a selection of the lovely business cards i picked up. this will give me some research to do for any future blogging and books. the show is open to all visitors so put next years dates in your diary if you want to find a graduate, or are considering studying design yourself as new designers offers a great chance to find out about courses with so many top colleges and universities all under one roof.


Rebecca Rawlings said...

Hello Bowie Style! You picked up one of my business cards yeah! had such an amazing week at new designers such a brilliant experience.
Rebecca Rawlings

Summerr Morgan said...

I spot my cards and my little badges :) it was an amazing week, glad you enjoyed!
Summerr Morgan

bowie style said...

rebecca your business card really stood out with such a fantastic illustration - and summerr doing badges was a great idea and showed real initiative : )

clairemariemontgomery said...

Hi, I was exhibiting at New designers, was some lovely stuff there! I don't know if you saw mine, I was part of the visual communications area and I had a teddy bears picnic set up. This is my website: http://www.clairemontgomerydesign.com/
Hope you enjoyed the exhibition!
Claire Montgomery

Corin Campbell Designs said...

Hello bowie style,
I have just seen you have picked up one of my business cards. How exciting! New designers was a great experience. It was a very inspiring week.

Corin Campbell

Beverley said...


I believe I can see a Uniko Studio business card! Thank s for stopping by my work! I loved New Designers :)