28 July 2011

GRADUATE - summerr morgan

summerr morgan recently graduated with a BA hons in surface pattern design textiles for interiors from swansea metropolitan university, and exhibited at new designers last month where i saw her incredibly proffessional looking stand. summerr had a display of her 'colour me in' wallpaper, cards designs, fabrics, and sewing kits. she also had promo bagdes featuring her work, something you see more at surtex than at graduate shows, so i was very impressed. summerr is now looking for design work and freelance commissions and you can find out more and view her portfolio online here.


Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

These are so lovely! Really like the cut out owl cushion and colour in wallpaper, just such a fun idea for kids x

nere said...

I love those blue clouds!! great!

Createliveblog said...

OOH my GOSH! I love this so much I can hardly explain. I totally love birds (not the real ones, which fly around and creep me out, but the kind you cut out of paper or fabric...). I've experimented with bird art on canvases and bird art on thank you cards but have never gotten around to really attacking that from a fabric angle. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If I make something inspired by this, I'll definitely let you know!


Createliveblog said...

Oh, and P.S. (I'm back, ha!) I'm a new follower :)



pikkukiiski said...

Love this blog! ♥

Summerr Morgan said...

Hello! Wow I can’t believe this was nearly 7 years ago! Crazy! I’d love you to see what I am up to now! I run my own small business www.sprinkleofbows.com creating handmade hair accessories from gorgeous fabrics for children. I’d be over the moon for you to share! X

bowie style said...

Feel free to email me some images or a web link Summer : )
Time Flies !!