12 December 2011

XMAS - john lewis

i finally found some wrapping paper in a high street shop that i really liked this week. i was looking for something non metallic, slightly matt in finish and with colourful graphics, and at last i found it in the fantastic john lewis. jazz trees is available in two colourways on wrapping paper - in either charcoal or cream, as well as gift bags, tags, tree baubles and cards. more details are online here.


littletree... said...

Love this range and such a cute name 'jazz trees' so sweet! I understand your frustration at finding wrapping that isnt shiny or metallic, i love the dark grey matt of this paper x

tractorgirl said...

I LOVE that carry bag, and its ace use of stripes. Obviously thought about how bag is put together, and how those stripes move in different directions. Thanks!