26 January 2012

DESIGNER - rita fürstenau

rita fürstenau is a freelance illustrator working in germany. this winter rita launched a collection of screen printed booklets. the covers have been hand-printed and the inside pages are made of plain, off-white paper, perfect for pencil or ink. rita also works as a publisher at rotopolpress, an independent publishing company she runs together with illustrators lisa röper and michael meier. the trio founded rotopolpress in 2007 to "realize special and peculiar ideas in the fields of illustration, comic and paper design". additionally they run a gallery and shop in kassel where they show and sell their publications and exhibit works by other contemporary illustrators. see more about rita online here.


Samatha @ DKNY designer suits said...

Your designs are simple yet so cute! Can't resist to look for more.

Courtney Lane - Blog said...

Obsessed with those notebooks!

marla said...

Rita is amazing!! Love her whimsical designs and color palette.