24 January 2012

MARKS & SPENCER - jane ormes

i was delighted to see this new easter range begin to appear in marks and spencers and recognised at once it was by the super talented jane ormes who features in the book print & pattern 2. well done to marks & spencer's i say for consistently working with great designers such as jane, sanna annukka and sandra isaksson, instead of just using 'in house' designers to create a watered down version of their styles. i love M&S for this and look forward to seeing who they commission next. more on these gorgeous easter designs as they arrive in stores over the next month or so. jane's beautiful also bunny features (below) on the back of print & pattern book 2.


Jane Foster Blog said...

I love Jane's work! Fabulous!!

Peter and Sarah Slight said...

I have a postcard of one of Janes leaping rabbits, similar to the bottom image, and it never fails to cheer me up whenever I look at it :-)

Sonjia said...

LOVE this range! What a fresh approach to Easter imagery - kudos to M&S for hiring a talented designer and letting her do what she does.