29 February 2012

STATIONERY - mac and ninny

the mac and ninny paper co is a new business here in the UK who launched their first product range at top drawer in january. they have designed a range of 64 self adhesive bookplates, with a variety of subject matter from gardening to cooking, from travel to knitting. mac and ninny have also used their love of paper to develop a range of preserve gift kits to help people turn their homemade preserves into beautiful gifts. look out for them in shops soon or go online here.


Littletree Designs // Rebecca said...

Love the preserve gift kits, such a great idea, the illustrations are wonderfull x

Unknown said...

We proudly sell Mac & Ninny's beautiful product range over at The Wise House www.thewisehouse.co.uk. The bookplates are proving very popular for Christmas pressies!

Anonymous said...

You can also find Mac & Ninny at Green Tulip - http://www.greentulip.co.uk/brand/mac-and-ninny-preserve-gift-kits-and-bookplates/