08 May 2012

DESIGN WEBSITE - pattern punch

pattern punch are a small surface print design marketplace based in new york city. their aim is to allow visitors to the site to connect with surface design professionals. the aim of the community is to showcase examples from designers portfolios and connect them with employers, buyers, and industry pros. the pattern punch team kindly allowed me to pick put some of my fave designs from the portfolios currently online here and post them on print & pattern. starting with above & below by hoodie crescent. below : leena elina below : angela rekuckibelow leigh hannanbelow : carmen mokbelow : rebekah gindabelow : yenty jap


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Yenty Jap said...

Hello Bowie, thanks for choosing my pattern to publish here :)

Kiki said...

Thank you for the wonderful post. All the best, the pattern punch team.

Angel Howard Design said...

Thank you for this wonderful post. All the best, the pattern punch team.