18 May 2012

SURTEX 2012 - new york may 20-23

the surtex show is finally here and opens on sunday. sadly i wont be attending this year but i will be hoping everything goes well for all the talented designers who have work for sale. here is a grand finale of surtex promos thanks to everyone who sent in their flyers over the past few weeks. shown first today is carolyn gavin who will have her licensing portfolio with lilla rogers in booth 309 and her own range of ecojot goodies at the NSS in booth 2631.also at lilla rogers in booth 309 alison cole, and below foliage inc in 137.studio 2 will be in booth 308 and sooshichacha in 247.dale simpson will be represented by bright in booth 467 and macrina busato has now joined lilla rogers in 309.

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Alex Colombo said...

I love the Lilla Rogers designers, very cool parade of beautiful designs!