02 May 2012

SURTEX 2012 - sarah watts

illustrator/pattern designer sarah watts (aka wattsalot) will be taking her new collections to surtex next month in booth 365.below is a fabulous mock up design sarah has created to show how her work may look as a set of postcards if it were picked up by a publisher.


jessica swift said...

Yay for Sarah!!! This looks so fabulous!!! I know Surtex is going to be a huge success for her.

orange you lucky! said...

Great muted colours! Love these Sarah Watts designs:)

Sarah Watts said...

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! You made my day:D

Peter Hoe said...

Hello & greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
I've been following your blog for sometime now. And must congratulate you on your creativity, hard work and determination to put out the very best.
The result...simply INSPIRING!
The wonderful thing you do must bring so much to yourself.
Keep it up!!!

ReneeRivas said...

Beautiful work, Sarah! Love the colors :)