27 July 2012


the 2012 olympic games in london will open tonight and so today i thought i'd look at olympic graphics. in the years that have passed since the 2012 logo was first unveiled i still have never really learned to like it in its fashly colours,above, but below when simplified on stamps it does look pretty striking. im looking forward to watching the opening ceremony tonight, especially since i've heard there will be some david bowie songs included. i hope you enjoy the show if you're watching, back on tuesday for more P+P. i've also posted up the official olympic stamps for the united kingdom which feature colourful flat graphics designed by paul smith.


oneexwidow said...

I, like you, didn't like it at first but have grown to love it over the years.

Think they were right to break with the style of the proceeding couple of decades (which had been used in the candidate city logo) and go for something different.

The turning point in my general appreciation of the logo was the Union Flag version which (if I remember correctly) first appeared on the Mall for the Closing Ceremony in China and the handing over of the Olympic flag.

Unknown said...

I love love love the Paul Smith stamps