10 July 2012

PAPERCHASE - postcards

paperchase on tottenham court road have a great stock of stylish postcards perfect for sending, framing, for sticking on pinboards. above & below two designs by 'big phil and friends published by 1973. below : two designs by ben javens for 1973. below : two beautiful designs from the art file.below - fabulous vintage czechoslovakian matchbox designs from the collection of jane mcdevitt and published by artpress. below two super cute designs by paper & cloth published by 1973. below - lovely jane ormes postcards published by art press.and below - quirky postcard by sally beerworth of the joy of ex.

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Anonymous said...

The one with the hedgehog is actually Polish. Czechowice is a Polish town where they've been producing matches since 1919;) And "25 GR" stands for the price - grosze would be an equivallent of cents or pennies