28 September 2012

STORESNAPS - mark's & spencer

i was in high street store marks & spencer last week and spotted a new range of kitchen storage tins. the first collection is called 'kitchen text' and will also be used on tea towels, mugs and trays. the second is a lovely folk design from their 'caravan' collection. also shown are various mugs and a lovely herb print tea towel.


April Louise said...

I like the tins. Great patterns.

Rainbow Vintage Home said...

Lovely designs, unfortunately elements of the Kitchen Text designs have been copied from the gorgeous prints of Natalie Singh - please check out this link to her blog, http://thehomelyplace.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/ive-been-ripped-off-by-marks-and-spencer.html - it's such a shame - first Rachael Taylor now Nat - when will big businesses learn to treat small designers with respect - surely they can afford to credit and pay the people whose work they want to use?!