22 October 2012

BOOK - new orla kiely board books

orla kiely's new childrens books have just been published this month by egmont. 'creatures' and 'shapes' are two super stylish board books for babies and join the already released 'colours' and 'numbers'. orla uses her strong geometric style graphics and patterns to simplify a variety of creatures such as whales, turtles, and bumble bees. i have taken a few snapshots and you can find all the books online here at amazon uk or amazon usa. 

the second new release from orla kiely and egmont is 'shapes' which focuses on the most common geometric shapes and places them alongside an object or item that features that shape.the chunky board books are bound with cloth and are ideal for babies and orla kiely fans of any age. you can see all four books online at amazon uk or amazon usa.


Isabel Rubio said...

Beautiful books!

April Louise said...

Wow orla kiely seems to be churning out new products all the time. I bet her design studio is a fun place to be!

Ashley Cooper said...

I love these illustrations! This book is so cute.
-Ashley Cooper

Cara said...

These are gorgeous.