04 October 2012

NEW WORK - polkka jam

finnish label polkka jam have a brand new collection called "kissanpäivät". as far as i know kissanpäivät translates as 'cat days' so i think this refers to lazy happy days where the time is your own. the collection features notepads and art prints depicting pastimes such sewing, knitting, and reading. see more collections and products from the excellent polkka jam online here.


Jane Greiner said...

Thanks for a great blog! I have been a follower for a couple of years now, and I always look forward to my daily fix of prints and patterns.
Jane Greiner

Ledingham said...

Georgeous prints and patterns, I will check out their site now.

Polkka Jam, Finland said...

Thank you so much for the feature! So lovely! Thanks a ton! Have a happy and inspiration October! x x x