14 January 2013


with the christmas season now behind them paperchase have added lots of fresh new spring 2013 items to their shelves. "clouds" is the first new paperchase stationery and gift range to launch in 2013. the clouds are filled with various patterns such as hand drawn geometrics, stripes, and dashes and then set on either a blue or white background. products available in the collection include notebooks, photo albums, a ceramic moneybox, and an enamel coffee pot and mug. also available online here.


Elina said...

I have a competition in my blog, you're welcome to join! :-) /Elina

Femke Dekker - ter Meulen said...

What a beautiful clouds! I love your blog, as I am such a big fan of beautiful prints and patterns! love Femke http://www.femkeido.blogspot.nl/

Kate Blandford said...

It's on a lilac background rather than blue. Was a bit disappointed by this range. I've seen their next range (called cakes and lanterns -aimed at Mothers day), again not as strong as past designs. I have high hopes for their next 2 ranges after that though. Fast food and strawberries. Should be interesting!