22 January 2013

PRINT THEME - tribal

from time to time i post up a print theme and this time it focuses on tribal designs which can currently be seen on all manor of fashion items, art prints, and phone cases. the inspiration for this theme comes from aztec and navajo type motifs as well as nordic influences and a recent trend for all things triangular. to demonstrate the theme i have picked out some products and designs from etsy. the first item above is by little light prints and below from islays terrace.
below : phone cover by vasare nar.
below : two beautiful prints from sarah louise matthews.

below : art print by sarah donavan from the stationery bakery.
below : fabric from sweet llama supplies.
below : ipod touch case from sephia andromeda.
below : norwegian influenced print from parada creations.
below : aztec art print from revigorer.
below : triangle print from retro menagerie.
and finally below : hand printed linocut by tanya brown at schatzi brown.


April Sharman said...

ooo I really like these and I particularly like the prints by sarah louise matthews.

Mevasevateva said...

Really inspirating patterns!

Hampshire Furniture said...

Oooh, I love the Nordic-inspired print by Parada creations and the colour of the linocut by Tanya Brown. I'm trying to inject more colour, texture and pattern into my home and this has provided me with lots of inspiration - thanks!